Biden DOJ To Appeal Court Order Over Trump Memo

( President Joe Biden is likely to get slammed by members of his own party for a decision by the Department of Justice not to fully release the contents of a legal memo relating to the exoneration of former President Donald Trump in the Mueller witchhunt investigation.

The Department of Justice issued two court filings on Monday evening, stating that they would oppose the full release of a 2019 legal memo prepared by former Attorney General William Barr on the grounds that the information is protected and does not fall under the conditions of the Freedom of Information Act.

It’s a decision based entirely on the law, and something likely to anger Democrats who seem obsessed with the idea that the government has something to hide.

They really just can’t accept that former President Trump isn’t guilty of the crimes they accuse him of, can they?

It comes after District Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered earlier in May to make the document, which offers further context for the exoneration of former President Trump, available to the public. Judge Jackson claimed that former Attorney General Barr and lawyers from the Justice Department made “misrepresentations” about why it couldn’t be made public…but her assessment appears to be wrong, with even the Biden administration admitting that Barr was right.

In a statement, the Justice Department said that the “government acknowledges that its briefs could have been clearer, and it deeply regrets the confusion that it caused.” However, the statement also argued that the full document should not be released as it contains information protected by attorney0client privilege and other exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act.

Far-left Democrats have spent weeks pressuring Attorney General Merrick Garland to buckle and make the files public. The most he has done is allow for some redactions from the memo to be lifted, but it revealed little more than reveal further information about why the Mueller report couldn’t support charges of obstruction of justice.

Trump just keeps getting proven right over and over again.