Biden Cuts Ban On American Investments Into Chinese Weapon Tech

( Senator Marco Rubio sat down for an exclusive interview with Breitbart News where he warned that the Biden Administration’s soft policy on China is no doubt seen by the CCP as an opportunity to exploit.

According to a recent report at Axios, China has increased its foreign influence operations on the US by a staggering 500% in recent years.

This massive propaganda campaign skyrocketed from $10 Million in 2016 to nearly $64 Million in 2020. As a result, China is now the top spender on foreign influence operations in the United States.

Rubio told Breitbart that China understands US politics far better than most Americans do. And with a new administration that is viewed as soft on China, the CCP senses an opportunity.

China knows, Rubio explained if Trump was for it, then the Biden Administration is going to be against it. And that includes Trump’s tough policies regarding China.

Most concerning to Senator Rubio is the Biden Administration’s recent decision to reverse Trump’s ban on U.S. investment in companies connected to the Chinese military. Calling the move “nuts,” Rubio explained that this is in effect permitting the US to invest in China’s ability to wage war on the US and kill Americans.

But it isn’t just the White House that is sending the wrong message to China. Rubio also believes the US Senate is signaling weakness as well.

One example of this weakness Rubio explained was a current bill in the Senate called “the Endless Frontier Act.” The purpose of this legislation is to further fund technology research here in the US in order to counter China’s efforts. While the effort is laudable to be sure, Rubio expressed concern over it because the bill does not have safeguards to prevent that funded research from falling into the hands of the CCP.

China is notorious for stealing technology and Rubio believes any bill to fund technology in the US must also include stringent safeguards to prevent such theft from happening.

Rubio’s concerns have merit. As he explains in the interview, many of these US research institutions which would benefit from the bill’s added funding are tied to universities that are already compromised by the CCP.

Read the full interview HERE.