Biden Claims Classified Documents Scandal Is About Racism

According to a report, an investigative panel of Democrats on the House Oversite Committee is trying to place the responsibility for the discovery of sensitive materials in former President Joe Biden’s home and office on former Biden staffer Kathy Chung.  And they are calling the comments made by Republican James Comer, Committee  Chairman,  about Chung racist and xenophobic.

Democratic Committee Chair and Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin produced a 16-page report on Wednesday to demonstrate the degree to which the Republicans have allegedly deceived the public regarding Ms. Chung and the objective of her tenure in the White House. 

According to the document, Chung stated that she did not get packing instructions or help from any members of the Biden family. 

Kathy Chung also stated that she had not read or studied the contents of the boxes she had packed at the conclusion of the Obama-Biden administration.  Between 2020 and 2022, she reorganized some of Biden’s belongings by unpacking and repacking them.

The letter looks like an attempt to shift responsibility from Chung and Biden, but it remains cryptic as to who exactly is at fault.

The NY Post reported Republicans have worried that Democrats would attempt to transfer responsibility for the secret papers issue away from Biden and onto Chung.

The report shows that Comer noted Chung’s testimony added new information to the story. Since May 2022, when news first surfaced of the early November finding of classified papers, the White House has been trying to collect materials from the office.

Biden’s attorneys claim that they discovered secret materials on November 2 when cleaning up his old Penn Biden Center office on Capitol Hill. It has been revealed that some of them were labeled “top secret” and related to  Ukraine and Iran.

Biden said on January 12 that confidential documents were discovered in his garage near his vintage Corvette, but he denied being careless with national secrets.  A picture on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop shows a battered box labeled “Important Doc’s” in President Biden’s Delaware house. The contents of the box remain unknown.