Biden Campaign Sends Email Suggesting Harris Will “Lead Nation” from 2021

( The Biden campaign sent an email to supporters on Tuesday about Kamala Harris, the failed presidential candidate chosen by his campaign to be his running mate. In the email, the Biden camp suggested that Harris is the “best person” to help Biden “take this fight to Donald Trump and Mike Pence” and then to “lead this nation starting in January 2021.”

It sparked a huge discussion online between people who think it was just an awkward blunder, and those who think it’s actually indicative that Harris will ultimately become president when Joe Biden steps aside as a result of his serious cognitive decline.

Biden has called himself a “transitional candidate,” after all.

It wasn’t just conservatives who picked up on it either. Even NBC News noticed the strange phrasing, publishing a tweet that contains the sentence in question. It got a huge number of interactions and sparked a lot of debate in the comment section.

And while people were debating whether the Biden campaign was gearing up to replace Biden with the much younger but equally unlikeable Kamala Harris as their true presidential pick, the Trump campaign was ready to go with a killer ad.

The Trump campaign’s ad shows how Kamala Harris attacked Biden for “racist” policies, reveals her pandering to far-left extremists, and reveals how Biden isn’t smart enough to see that Harris is a phony.

“Perfect together. Wrong for America,” the ad explains. Give it a watch and see for yourself. There’s a certain clip of Biden looking vacantly at the camera that you’ll probably recognize from other ads, too. It’s a killer bit of footage and shows just how clueless this man is.

I mean, you have to be clueless to choose a candidate this unlikeable, right? Not to mention, Harris even once said that she believed women who said Biden was sexually inappropriate with them. Phony indeed!