Biden Boasts About Successes During Labor Day Speech

Joe Biden, who likes to call himself the “most pro-union president in history,” spent Labor Day in Philadelphia praising the contributions of American workers and highlighting the value of organized labor.

A report shows he discussed the economy’s alleged recovery from the devastating coronavirus outbreak, his administration’s efforts to fund infrastructure projects, and the role of unions in bolstering the middle class.

Biden tried to win back the support of working-class people who had defected to candidates like Donald Trump and other Republicans due to their views on cultural problems.

Biden falsely compared Trump’s job creation track to that of President Herbert Hoover, who headed over the country as it descended to the Great Depression.

This year’s celebration of Labor Day takes place against the background of rising power among unions throughout the United States and the possibility of a strike by 146,000 members of the United Auto Workers union.

The president was questioned about the possibility of a strike and answered that it would not happen.

President Shawn Fain of the United Auto Workers (UAW) quickly responded, saying he was astonished by the president’s statements and that the president must know things the union doesn’t.

Biden hasn’t convinced the public that his initiatives are improving their lives. According to a study conducted in August by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, just 36% of American adults are happy with Biden’s handling of the economy, which is lower than the 42% who are happy with his overall performance.

In addition, Joe Biden’s address to Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 on Labor Day was contentious.

A report shows Biden fabricated tales of his ‘Bidenomics’ and criticized Trump in a vitriolic speech. His claims that he reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion and cut the debt by $1.7 trillion were equally exaggerated.
Gas prices and inflation rates continue to rise. Americans are feeling the strain of sky-high food costs. Mortgage rates hover at 8%.
Under Bidenomics, a six-figure salary is no longer sufficient. Four in ten people who make over $100,000 still don’t have a cushion for emergencies.
Joe Biden forgot the year he was inaugurated as president in his speech.

We wish we could, too.