Biden Aides Leave Without Getting The Deal He Wanted

( President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats are really struggling to come up with a way to pass their extremist “infrastructure” deal that could see up to $6 trillion in new money spent on various social projects that have nothing to do with infrastructure.

On Tuesday, top aides from the White House wrapped up meetings with a group of bipartisan Senators who President Biden believed may be able to break the impasse. After failing to agree on a deal on infrastructure with the main Republican group in the Senate, the White House attempted to broker a deal with a 10-member group of Senators.

The idea was to agree on how to pay for $579 billion in spending on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects across the country. Democrats and the White House believe that the spending should be paid for in new taxes, while Republicans have argued that unspent COVID-19 funds should be used and that a reopening of the economy should allow the project to be paid for without increasing taxes.

Brian Deese, the head of the National Economic Council, met with the president, White House legislative affairs director Louisa Terrell, the President’s counsellor Steve Ricchetti, and the 10-member Senate group to hash out a deal…and failed.

Additional talks were held on Wednesday, with GOP Senator Rob Portman – the Ohio legislator heading up the negotiations – announcing that more work needs to be done to come to a deal.

One idea being discussed is that additional revenue can be obtained by increasing airwaves sales and implementing new fees on major polluters across various industries.

President Biden has also suggested reintroducing a tax that has long been out of use, penalizing polluters through additional tax incentives and encouraging businesses to use more green energy.

But isn’t that plan flawed if businesses start using green energy instead of paying taxes?

By now, the Democrats should probably have realized that their plans to spend trillions of dollars on far-left policies and some infrastructure weren’t going to go down well with Senate Republicans…and you’d think they’d realize that the American voters don’t like new taxes, either…