Biden Admits He Shouldn’t Have Answered Questions About The House

( President Biden admitted that he shouldn’t have answered a question about Congress during a news conference in Bali, Indonesia after he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to The Western Journal.

Biden was in Bali for the G20 Summit, which features the world’s largest economies that account for most of the world’s gross domestic product and international trade. The president had just finished a meeting with the CCP leader on issues such as Taiwan, Russia’s nuclear threats, and competitive trade.

Biden then proceeded to give a short speech and then answered questions from reporters on his preapproved list. The president has previously been caught carrying such lists before.

Most recently, after his first major press conference a day after the midterms, he explicitly stated that he had been given a “list of 10 people that I’m supposed to call on and you’re all supposed to ask me one question,” adding that they will probably ask him more than one.

One question asked of him in Bali, however, was reportedly not on the list. It concerned “abortion rights,” and whether Democrats will attempt to change federal law to work around the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade (1973) in Dobbs v. Jackson (2022). The decision effectively relegated the issue of abortion back to the states.

“What should Americans expect from Congress as it relates to abortion rights after the midterms?” NBC’s Peter Alexander asked Biden.

The president answered that not much could be expected of Congress besides holding onto their positions on the issue.

“I’m not getting into more questions. I shouldn’t have even answered your question,” he added.

Biden said that he did not think there were enough votes to codify abortion “unless something unusual happens in the House.” He ultimately concluded that Democrats will not “make it” in securing a House majority, which proved to be correct.

The GOP garnered the needed 218 seats and has nominated Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker. The party also won the popular vote, beating the Democrats by three million additional votes.