Biden Administration Says Fox News Is Now Helping Push Their Agenda

( Well, this is weird.

The Biden administration has some positive words for Fox News, a network traditionally aimed towards conservatives and one that is widely expected by its viewers to tackle the Biden administration’s historic overreach and abuse of power.

A spokesperson from the Biden White House recently praised Fox News for implementing COVID-19 vaccine mandates for its employees, following the president’s controversial and widely-condemned decision to require all American businesses with more than 100 employees to force their employees to take the vaccine.

The spokesman said that Fox Corp has now vaccinated more than 90% of its employees nationally and has implemented a testing requirement for all employees who have not taken the vaccine.

The news, which came from a Fox Corp internal memo, was praised by the White House spokesperson saying they are “glad [Fox has] stepped up to protect their workforce and strengthen the economy.”

Strengthen the economy? That’s a reach.

The spokesperson added that the decision to comply with Biden’s unconstitutional new ruling will help “protect” their employees, which doesn’t make sense. If the vaccine works, then how does vaccinating people who don’t want the vaccine protecting people who have already been vaccinated?

Oliver Darcy, a CNN reporter, first reported on the praise for Fox by the White House – and still couldn’t hold back on attacking Fox News anchors who have criticized the Biden mandate.

He showed his viewers a Twitter thread revealing the most vocal critics of the mandate, which you can see below.

See what happens when you comply with big government? Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

Obeying the mandate isn’t enough – now they want you to stop criticizing Biden’s overreach.