Berlin To Redo Election

( The Berlin State Supreme Court declared today that elections in the German capital of Berlin were so corrupted that they must be rerun.

Before the German elections on September 26, 2021, YouTube declared it would prohibit any content that casts doubt on the legitimacy of the elections.

That sounds familiar.

The media has reported that Berlin Constitutional Court President Ludgera Selting ruled that the elections to the Berlin House of Representatives and the district assemblies are declared null and void in the whole electoral territory.  Massive electoral irregularities in 2021 are the cause. There will be new elections in the spring of 2023.

At polling places, citizens had to stand in line for many hours. In numerous polling places, ballots were missing, and there were insufficient ballot boxes. Many people could only cast ballots after the official polls closed at 6 p.m. Some polling locations appear to have estimated the totals or had the exact same percentages for each party in a run of locations.

A report claimed that the court order had grave repercussions for German democracy, and it also served as a warning for America. Given the growing number of legal challenges to our electoral procedures, some worry that a court decision to proclaim a do-over might destabilize our Republic.

According to the report, it has brought chaos to Berlin as leaders are now viewed with distrust. Even within the same government coalition, parties and officials have subtly begun campaigning instead of cooperating.

The president of the court, Ludgera Selting, highlighted severe systemic problems in election preparations and the frequency and severity of errors at the polls.

At least they are willing to correct their mistakes. What destabilizes a nation is a mistrust of its electoral system, media blackout of the truth, and the lies politicians tell their constituents.