Battleground Voters Put Faith In Trump On Key Issues

According to a poll released on Sunday, moderate Americans have more faith in Trump to handle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than they do in Biden.

In Pennsylvania, Trump leads Biden by 16 points in terms of credibility on the issue, according to the polls. Trump won Nevada by 14 points, easily defeating Biden. Trump had an 11-point edge in Georgia and Arizona, a 12-point lead in Michigan, and a 3-point lead in Wisconsin.

The majority of respondents in six battleground states (50%) said they would rather have Trump handle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than President Joe Biden (50%). Twelve percent either chose not to answer or said they did not know.

Data has emerged one month after the Hamas militant organization launched an attack within Israel, killing more than 1,400 people. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, around 10,000 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli bombing on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

President Biden was quick to denounce Hamas’ strikes on Israel on October 7 and vowed unyielding support for the Jewish state in the days that followed. During his trip to Tel Aviv last month, the president met with Israeli civilian and military authorities as well as family members of victims.

This set him apart from Trump, who was criticized for his comments about Israeli leadership after the assaults. Trump’s comments regarding Israel’s lack of readiness after the attacks were met with outrage from Republican leaders and presidential candidates. Trump’s frequent attacks on Jewish voters who support Biden have been widely panned.

Some persons on the left express discontent with President Biden’s support for Israel and his reticence to call for a cease-fire in response to Israel’s increasing shelling of Gaza. To ensure the safe delivery of aid to the people of Gaza, the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations have requested a ceasefire.

After visiting Tel Aviv last month, President Biden formally requested $105 billion in emergency funding from Congress. Israel received $14.3 billion of the total. Allies in the Indo-Pacific region and the situation in Ukraine were also addressed.

Between October 22nd and November 3rd, The New York Times and Siena College polled 3,662 voters in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The margin of error for each state’s results is between 4.4% and 4.8%.