Baseball Game Brawl Breaks Out

At young baseball games, some spectators can really lose their heads.

During the weekend’s “Grand Slam Baseball Alabama” 11U event, a child baseball coach was seen on video tackling an umpire.

On Saturday, a woman posted a clip on her personal Facebook account showing an argument between a coach and an umpire, followed by the coach tackling the referee. According to Powers, the situation became more tense when the coach became angry at a call.

Shocking video from April shows what seems to be a baseball parent in Florida sucker punching and knocking out an umpire, who incidentally happens to be a veteran of the United States military.

Jose Ignacio Aponte-Gonzalez is accused of throwing the punch after his son began yelling at the umpire, prompting the official, who was 63 at the time, to tell the young man to calm down.

Astounded by the unfolding events, players and parents rushed to the umpire, who lay unconscious on the ground.

While being arrested, 41-year-old Aponte-Gonzalez reportedly claimed to police he was “defending [his] kid,” and he allegedly did not apologize. According to the police, the umpire wanted Aponte-Gonzalez to face criminal charges.

The baseball parent was arrested and booked into the Osceola County jail on 1500 dollars bail after being accused of violence against an athletic official and disrupting a school event.

According to the website club baseball dad, you may want to shout at the umpire when he or she botches a decision that costs your team a key run. It won’t help, however, since the umpire likely won’t reverse the decision. 

The most important thing you could do for the team is to remain calm under pressure and have a quiet conversation with the umpire between innings.

Most umpires will respect you more for not trying to one-up them and will listen to what you have to say.