Barron Trump Becomes A Target As Liberals Try To Rationalize 52-Year-Old Hunter Biden

( Some bonehead on Twitter, peeved over the renewed attention to Hunter Biden’s dirty deals, made the ludicrous claim that President Biden’s 52-year-old son should be shielded the same way former President Trump minor child Barron was shielded.

Ah, yes, because a grown adult is exactly like an underage child.

Allen B. Glines, who once ran for the US Senate in Utah as a Democrat (big surprise), was so upset that Republican lawmakers want to investigate Joe Biden’s possible involvement in Hunter Biden’s dirty deals, he suggested Hunter should sue them for defamation.

To make the case for his laughable defamation claim, Glines noted that Republicans “quaked and whined” whenever someone would bring up Barron Trump’s name, but they have no problem “with a relentless campaign against Biden’s son.”

Barron was ten when Trump became President.

Hunter was in his fifties when his dad stumbled into the White House.

But for some reason, Glines doesn’t see the distinction between the two.

Barron Trump wasn’t using his father’s name to rake in millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, to name a few. Barron Trump wasn’t selling access to his father, nor was he setting aside 10 percent of his financial deals for “the big guy.”

But other than that, great comparison, Allen!

Glines also suggested that even if every accusation against Hunter Biden is true, Republicans should not be allowed to criticize him. He mocked Republican lawmakers’ concerns over Hunter Biden’s corruption and influence-peddling as “just sad.”

It’s nowhere near as sad as Allen Glines trying to white-knight for a 52-year-old man. That’s just downright pathetic.

Glines accused Republicans of “cooking up stuff” about Hunter “for over two years” which he claimed they only did to get Trump reelected.

Without an ounce of self-awareness, Glines also expressed disgust that an entire political party would go after an elected official’s family. After Democrats tore into the entire Trump family for four solid years, Glines’ remarks are flat-out hilarious.