Barely Half Of New Yorkers Want Andrew Cuomo To Resign

( Governor Andrew Cuomo is perhaps one of the most shameless Democrat politicians in office, refusing to resign even after a shocking report found that he was guilty of 11 different instances of sexual harassment against women.

As President Joe Biden and his Democrat colleagues call on the disgraced governor to resign, he continues to cling on in the hope that the people of New York will stand with him…but those hopes were dashed on Tuesday night when a Marist poll revealed that a slim majority of New York Democrats believe that Cuomo should resign.

Respondents were asked whether they believe Cuomo should resign in the wake of the scandal or if he should serve out the rest of his term, with 59% of respondents stating that it’s time for him to resign. That’s a clear majority. Democrats made up 49% of the sample, while 21% were Republicans and 29% were non-enrolled.

It means that the data, had it been recorded accurately, would show an even larger number of New Yorkers believing that Cuomo should resign. There are clearly more than 29% of the New York population who vote Republican.

52% of Democrats polled said that it’s time for Cuomo to step down from his position, and 77% of Republicans said he needs to go. Furthermore, 72% of independent voters said that he should resign.

It comes as the controversial governor calls on businesses to start requiring customers to show proof that they have been vaccinated to enter their premises – a damning and daunting warning that New York state could follow in New York City’s footsteps and begin discriminating against people who have not taken the vaccine.

Cuomo issued a video rebuttal, which appeared to be a form of political commercial, which showed photographs of himself hugging people, including other politicians, in an attempt to show that he hasn’t sexually harassed anybody.

Needless to say, it didn’t work.