Baby Saved From Tree After Tornado Destroys Home

Despite the tornado’s devastation of their house, a family in Tennessee is counting their blessings since their 4-month-old son managed to escape the whirlwind and land safely on a nearby tree.

According to local reports, 22-year-old Sydney Moore and her boyfriend fought to rescue their 4-month-old from their tornado-ravaged mobile home in Clarksville. She felt and heard the gusts rise up while playing with her other child, who is one year old.

Moore said she said she leaped on top of her child, and the walls came tumbling down a second later.

The tornado’s leading edge descended first, she said, and it snatched the bassinet containing her infant son. She saw the bassinet rise into the air.

Tornado winds ensnared the bassinet despite her boyfriend’s best efforts to cling to it. They spun in circles, and then they were tossed, all while he held on to the bassinet.

Despite being crushed by trailer debris, Moore and her toddler managed to pull themselves out of the rubble when the trailer fell apart on them. After ten minutes of searching in the pouring rain, they finally located the infant in a fallen tree.

Moore told the media she feared her son was dead and they wouldn’t be able to locate him. His mother said it is only by God’s favor that he is here. The infant required medical attention for a facial cut but was otherwise unhurt.

The destruction swept away Moore and her boyfriend’s possessions. She said the neighborhood had come together to help, donating necessities like diapers and formula. Her only remaining task is to find a place to call home for the family.

Reports show more than $25,000 has been donated to the family via a GoFundMe campaign.

Moore said she and her boyfriend would give their lives for their children. Whatever it takes.

With a population of 166,000, Clarksville is located in northwest Tennessee, on the border with Kentucky.