Authorities In NYC Pose After Stealing Toys

( NYPD gun confiscators posed for photos after collecting toy weapons off the streets of New York City while actual violent crime in the deep blue metropolis continues to rise.

The gun grabbers were widely derided after the 72nd Precinct shared the photographs on Facebook, with social media users pointing out the fake guns’ glaring orange tips and see-through plastic magazines.

Reports show NYPD gun officers patrolling the streets of Brooklyn posed for photos on the city’s 72nd Precinct’s Facebook page, celebrating the seizure of air rifles popularly known as toys. Officers were able to scrounge together a single loaded pistol to pose with in addition to the orange-tipped, plastic toy firearms.

The post congratulated the midnight shift squad officers who retrieved the items from the streets of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. “Great teamwork by everyone involved!”

The picture was comparable to a group of hunters posing with stuffed animals.

Facebook users from New York City and throughout the country swarmed the post to mock the efforts of the NYPD’s gun confiscators, with “laugh responses” outnumbering “likes” by thousands.

“Your wives’ boyfriends must be so proud,” someone mocked on the photo.

The city’s significant increase in crime has been connected to its Democrat administration’s left-wing policies, even by Democrats inside the government who blamed their Democrat predecessors.

According to NYPD crime statistics, the city suffered an increase in virtually every single criminal category during the summer of 2022.  The ‘no bail’ reform and no punishment policies elevated criminals over law-abiding New Yorkers.

Reports show law-abiding citizens who have been disarmed and increasingly under assault found hope earlier this year when the Supreme Court overturned New York City’s anti-2A legislation.


Following the verdict, the city issued a new set of similarly strict requirements to prevent residents from acquiring carry permits. Citizens must present police with their entire social media account history from the last three years, and an in-person interview, before obtaining a license to carry firearms under the new laws.

Although New York requires the typical citizen to go through many hoops to carry a firearm, the city has long abandoned its stop-and-frisk enforcement techniques under the rule of far-left Democrats, thus granting criminals a license to carry at all times.