Australian Toddler Dies After Doctors Send Parents Back Repeatedly

thermometer for measuring temperature and in the hands of a person with a measured temperature

In March, a little boy named Sandipan Dhar passed away at Joondalup Health Campus. His parents had complained that the hospital and general practitioners had refused to do blood tests in order to determine the root cause of their son’s fever. 

The temperature started after Sandipan’s parents took him to a nearby medical center to have his 18-month shots. They claim they brought him to the hospital three times to try and have the doctors figure out what was going on. Each time, they were informed that there was nothing major wrong and were sent home. 

They returned him to the hospital once more after his fever intensified.

After doctors requested a chest X-ray, it was found that Sandipan had pneumonia, explicitly affecting one lung to a significant degree. His life could no longer be saved at that point. The boy’s condition was grave; according to Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson, he had leukemia. The fact that the family did not feel heard is deeply troubling.

Two days after getting his routine 18-month vaccines at the Key Largo GP office on February 19, Little Sandipan began to experience feverish symptoms. A fever following injections is expected, so his father was told to take Panadol and Nurofen when he called the doctor’s office. On March 14, Sandipan’s parents returned him to the hospital when he failed to show any signs of recovery.

Hey, I gave him antibiotics and said he had tonsillitis.

Two days later, Sandipan was having trouble breathing and was put on oxygen. The chest X-rays seemed to indicate he had pneumonia. Sandipan’s mom had to restrain him from taking off his oxygen mask by holding his arms close to his side. It was then she noticed blood in his mouth. He was quickly whisked away. Just two hours later, he was dead. He died of leukemia, according to a postmortem.

Because of the shock and grief felt by Sandipan’s elder brother, his parents were forced to purge their home of all mementos depicting his deceased sibling. Ramsay Health Treatment, the operator of Joondalup Health Campus, has initiated an inquiry into the incident.