Attorney General Gets Booed Off Stage In A Deep Blue District

( Over the Labor Day weekend, Dana Nessel, the Attorney General of Michigan, gave a speech at the “Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival” in Royal Oak, which was held in Michigan. It is unclear whether she was about to deliver a speech or introduce the next band, but within the first few seconds of her speaking, the host had to come on stage to implore the crowd to “respect” her. The jeers did not stop. After briefly introducing the band, Nessel left the stage as swiftly as she had entered it.

The city of Royal Oak is located in Oakland County, Michigan. It is a “Biden +12 district,” as they’ll have you believe, but will not confirm with an audit of the hand-marked paper ballots. In the 2020 Presidential election, Michigan shut down counting for hours in the middle of the night while trucks showed up at 4 am with cartloads full of boxes of ballots. A mini-van with City of Detroit placards but Indiana plates and just one driver, no witnesses, and no chain of custody showed up after polls closed with a mysterious box.

This story is coming to light now as a direct result of Gustavo Portela (@gusportela) tweeting about it. How can a Democratic candidate in a Democratic stronghold who is purportedly polling ahead of her opponent, Matt Deperno, be booed at an event attended by people who fit into her target demographic? Dana Nessel did not appear to have any intention of posting about that portion of the day on her Twitter profile; nonetheless, she did post a video of herself dancing with a tambourine during the band’s performance.

This brings to mind when Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who hails from the adjacent state of Minnesota, was booed off the stage to celebrate Somalia’s independence. Omar herself is a displaced Somalian woman. They continued to jeer at her nonstop despite this fact. Nevertheless, she could amass enough support to prevail in her primary.

It’s possible that people in the state of Michigan don’t like it when their elected officials use their positions to attack their political opponents. Especially in light of Joe Biden’s controversial statement about Moloch two weeks ago, which took place around the same time.