Attacker Gets Face-Slammed After Going After Former MMA Fighter

Reports show a former MMA fighter, who was out late after Halloween and wound up with a knife pointed at him in a Florida parking lot, was saved by instinct and training.

Javier Baez told local media that he saw 50-year-old Omar Marrero wielding the knife and shouting in the parking lot at 4 a.m.

According to an arrest report, Marrero struck Baez’s window with the knife, then opened the door and attempted to slash him. Baez left his car to de-escalate, but Marrero resumed swinging the knife.

The media outlet reported Marrero returned to his car, put the knife on the front passenger side floor, and began attacking Baez. Returning to his vehicle again, Marrero brought out a second knife and attempted to cut Baez again.

The video reveals that when Marrero attempted to rush toward Baez, the ex-MMA fighter effortlessly lifted him up, slammed him to the pavement, and disarmed him. Baez told the local news outlet that his defensive preparation had become automatic.

Baez disarmed Marrero and put him in a chokehold. As Marrero was waking up, Baez held him down with his knee while he called the police.

Baez said he didn’t know Marrero, but he had seen him in the area.

Baez told a local news outlet that he was OK other than some scrapes on his hands during the fight. He had spent his whole life training. He is an expert in mixed martial arts and has a black belt in jiu-jitsu. He also wrestled in college.

Marrero was taken to the Cutler Bay Municipal District, where authorities questioned him, and he provided a statement.

According to his criminal record, he is now being held on two counts of aggravated violence and one count of burglary with battery.

Marrero was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and is now being detained without bail.