Assisted Suicide Capsule ‘The Sarco’ Set for First Use in Switzerland

The first assisted suicide using a “death capsule” is reportedly set to take place this month.

Exit Switzerland, the business behind the Sarco (an abbreviation for “sarcophagus”), claims that it would allow the euthanasia patient housed within it to die “within seconds” at the touch of a button.

The Exit Switzerland website features a suicide capsule image with the words “coming soon” underneath, but no other information is provided.

Exit Switzerland’s debut is allegedly set for July, and preparations are almost finished.

Sarco is the name of the “death capsule.”

The futuristic-looking case, which has been compared to a Tesla car, is filled with nitrogen to deprive the occupant of oxygen, causing them to go comatose and eventually die.

Dr. Philip Nitschke, a contentious proponent of assisted suicide who goes by the moniker “Dr. Death,” argues that his invention might facilitate a quick and painless death for its users.

According to the Australian researcher, his invention would allow individuals to terminate their lives in a “peaceful” manner.

The euthanasia candidate had already been chosen and was his route to Switzerland.

The identity of the individual is unknown, and neither Dr. Nitschke nor his colleagues have commented on the rumors.

Sarco has a 21% oxygen level when you climb in, but it takes 30 seconds for that amount to drop to less than 1% when you hit the button.

Specific pro-life organizations, including CARE, have expressed outrage at the doctor’s intentions to utilize Sarco for the first time.

It is uncertain if Swiss authorities may pursue prosecution for the machine’s use since the project has encountered several challenges in the past.

Sarco was stated to have passed Swiss legal scrutiny in 2021 by its makers. In Switzerland, assisted suicide is permitted, and Dignitas and Exit (a different group to Dr. Nitschke’s) serve hundreds of individuals annually.