Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Says Nancy Pelosi Orchestrated The Killing Of Her Daughter

( While the Capitol Hill Police Officer who shot and killed the unarmed Ashli Babbitt goes unnamed, Ashli’s mother Michelle Witthoeft has to endure the pain of hearing her daughter slandered and smeared by politicians, members of the corporate news media and Hollywood celebrities alike who call Babbitt a “terrorist” who got what’s coming to her.

Babbitt’s family is suing the US Capitol Police for more than $10 million for shooting and killing her on January 6. To this day, they have never been told the name of the officer who pulled the trigger or why, when Babbitt was surrounded by police in riot gear, one officer decided to take her life.

And Michelle Witthoeft also wants answers from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. According to the Western Journal, Witthoeft believes that Pelosi is responsible for her daughter’s death, going so far as to claim the San Francisco Democrat “orchestrated the death of my daughter.”

Witthoeft said that she has called Pelosi’s office several times and has yet to receive a return call, adding that Pelosi needs to be reminded that “it’s the people’s house” not Pelosi’s house.

No evidence has surfaced that shows Babbitt committed any violence or made any threats when she was inside the Capitol building. There are no reports of her starting fires or attacking law enforcement officers. So Witthoeft wants to know why she was killed and who pulled the trigger.

Witthoeft believes that, like every other police force in the country, the US Capitol Police must be held accountable when there is an officer-involved shooting.

But the USCP does not operate in the same transparent way every other police force does. Unlike local law enforcement and federal law enforcement agencies who are required to comply with public disclosure requests, USCP is not required. Because in 2005 Congress passed a law exempting the US Capitol Police from complying with Freedom of Information Act requests.

In April, the Justice Department cleared the still-unnamed officer of any wrongdoing. However, the questions over Ashli Babbitt’s death remain unanswered.