Armed Taliban Gunmen Breakup Women’s Rights Protest

( Taliban gunman were videoed breaking up a women’s rights protest in Kabul, Afghanistan, IOTW reported. The gunman fired shots into the air as women were protesting the severe restrictions imposed upon them by the Taliban after the Biden administration botched the withdrawal of American troops. The chaos that ensued after the hasty withdrawal was aided by the Afghanistan government to quickly fall, leaving the seat of power in the hands of the Taliban.

The protest came a year after the Taliban has seized power in Afghanistan. The women were reportedly demanding “basic rights” as they faced the harsh restrictions of the regime. The women marched from the Taliban education ministry demanding a right to education, to work, and other basic political rights.

Girls are currently barred from attending secondary school and from working, with the exception of some sectors, including health. As women were in the streets chanting their demands, the Taliban began to fire shots into the air to disperse the crowd, causing some women to seek shelter.

Afghanistan is reportedly facing high unemployment, leading women to beg for work since there are no “breadwinners” in families that are struggling. International funding has also been cut from the country since the U.S. withdrawal, hitting the country’s economy to the brink of collapse. The state of the economy has been aggravated by severe weather as well, such as earthquakes and drought, making food harder to grow.

Off camera, Afghans allegedly claim that those who are able to leave the country are doing so because life has become tougher throughout the year, especially for women.

Jamil Hassan, an Afghan translator who worked for Generals David Petraeus and John Nicholson, told Breitbart last week that the evacuation was unsuccessful. “This was a decision that destroyed everything and caught everyone off guard and by surprise,” Hassan stated. “It was all because of the hasty and not properly calculated decision of the U.S. president, Joe Biden,” he said.