Arkansas Governor Tries To Throw Trump Under The Bus

( Believe it or not, so-called “Republican” former House GOP Conference Chairwoman Rep. Liz Cheney has some supporters. Less surprisingly, however, those supporters are siding with Democrats and even appearing on far-left propaganda network CNN.

On Tuesday, Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson appeared on CNN’s “New Day” and claimed that Rep. Cheney didn’t deserve to be ousted from her leadership position in the party. He even claimed that former President Donald Trump is “dividing” the Republican Party, even after several polls showing the president enjoying support from a majority of Republican voters.

“Former President Trump is dividing our party,” he told CNN. “So it’s important that we not unite with somebody who is dividing our party.”

Wait…which one is meant to be the divisive one, again?

Hutchinson’s comments ultimately fell on deaf ears, however, as Republican members of the House on Wednesday voted to strip Cheney of her leadership role in the party, paving the way for a new, populist-minded Republican to take over the role as the third-most powerful elected Republican.

“Let’s talk about the future, let’s talk about the differences with the Biden administration. That’s what builds our party. And so I don’t believe Liz Cheney should be ousted for a vote of conscience,” he added.

John Berman, the CNN host, seemed particularly pleased to have a Republican on his show who was willing to trash President Donald Trump. Berman claimed that Trump is “obsessing about the last election and can’t let go of the past.”

That kind of sounds like failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton…and she actually lost that election fair and square.

Liz Cheney vowed to do “everything in [her] power” to stop President Donald Trump from becoming president again, and this week a group of 100 Republicans threatened to leave the party unless it breaks from Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.