Archbishop Slams Nancy Pelosi’s Taxpayer Funded Abortion Push

( Congress is once again pushing to overturn the Hyde Amendment barring taxpayer-funding for abortion. So naturally in defending the plan, St. Nancy Pelosi once again had to tell everyone what a devout Catholic she is.

During her weekly press briefing last Thursday, Pelosi pulled the “I’m a devout Catholic” card then quickly veered to the all-important pro-abortion “But:”

Leaving aside the absurdity of claiming that forcing taxpayers to pay for a poor woman to kill her unborn child is about “fairness and justice,” the terms “devout Catholic” and “taxpayer-funded abortion” really don’t belong in the same statement.

However, not every Catholic is particularly keen on Nancy Pelosi promoting herself as a “devout Catholic” while shilling for abortion of any kind, let alone taxpayer funded abortion.

Among those objecting is Pelosi’s own Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco. On Thursday, Archbishop Cordileone said in a statement that nobody can claim to be a “devout Catholic” while condoning the killing of innocent human life – “let alone have the government pay for it.” Reiterating that the right to life is the most fundamental human right, Cordileone added that “Catholics do not oppose fundamental human rights.”

Cordileone said identifying abortion as a health issue or “fairness to poor women” is a smokescreen and “the epitome of hypocrisy” especially since the health of the child is not taken into account.

With regard to “fairness and justice,” Cordileone said that offering poor women real choices to improve their lives so they can choose to bring a child into the world would better put them on equal footing with women of means. As an example, Cordileone cites the people who run pro-life crisis pregnancy centers which provide women “life-giving alternatives to having their babies killed in their wombs.”

Archbishop Cordileone expressed how proud he was of those Catholics who work at crisis pregnancy centers, adding they are the ones who are worthy to be called “devout Catholics.”

In June, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops approved wording for a statement on withholding the Sacrament of Communion from pro-abortion Catholic politicians. However no official national position was adopted at the time.