AOC Says She Can “Likely Push” Biden to the Far Left If He Wins In November

( Far-left Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is notoriously not fully on board with Joe Biden’s candidacy, and in an interview with Just The News, she admitted that she intends to push the aging former vice president to the left if he is successful in November.

During the interview on Capitol Hill, Ocasio-Cortez said that she agrees with socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders that Joe Biden isn’t left-wing enough.

Sanders recently reportedly expressed concern that Joe Biden would lose in November, arguing that he needed to shift even further to the left if he wants to win the presidential election. The Washington Post reported that Sanders “told associates that Biden is at serious risk of coming up short in the November election if he continues his vaguer, more centrist approach.”

Ocasio-Cortez discussed her support of Bernie Sanders during the primaries but said that they are over and she believes it’s important to elect Joe Biden.

“We’re different people and clearly I, in the primary, one of the reasons why I was supportive of Senator Sanders was because of how progressive his stances are, but, you know, the primaries are over, and right now what is most important is to make sure that we ensure a Democratic victory in November and that we continue to push Vice President Biden on issues from marijuana to climate change to foreign policy,” she said.

The argument makes sense, too. Biden has long been considered a moderate in the Democratic Party but he has already shown significant willingness to move left on the issues. The Biden campaign even adopted the Green New Deal that was initially proposed by Ocasio-Cortez and has refused to condemn Black Lives Matter and Antifa even though they have caused billions of dollars of damage by rioting in major American cities.

“I think, overall, we can likely push Vice President Biden in a more progressive direction across policy issues,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “I think foreign policy is an enormous area where we can improve; immigration is another one.”

You heard her, folks. Vote for Joe Biden and you won’t only get a porous southern border with Mexico, but the wall will be canceled, probably knocked down, and legal immigration opened up to millions of new people too.

Why, exactly, does AOC and Bernie Sanders think a platform like that would be attractive to normal voters?