AOC Says Olympian Who Dropped Out Of Olympics Is “Role Model” For Mental Health

( Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sided with U.S. gymnast Simone Biles who dropped out of the women’s Olympic team to take care of her mental health problems. OAC said that Biles’ bronze medal, that she won during the ultra-woke 2020 Tokyo Olympics, meant more than “all of the golds.”

Really? Even if you think that Biles was within her right to withdraw from the team to protect herself amidst the huge pressure of being on the team – and some people have questions about that – how does a bronze medal mean more than the gold medals won by athletes who have worked tirelessly, through thick and thin, to succeed?

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Biles said that she has “pushed through so much” in the last five years, and that her mental health is “above all medicals” that she could ever win.

When AOC spoke to TMZ On Tuesday about the story, she said that Biles’ bravery should be an “example to everybody” and that the fact she came back to win another medal showed that by taking a step back and caring for herself, it helped America.

“It helps you be better in the end,” she said, before claiming that Biles is a role model for all people and women.

Does everything really have to be some kind of big learning experience? Or can Americans just celebrate the fact that American athletes have won multiple gold medals in this year’s games?

Biles said that her bronze medal was her proudest achievement, and her medal is a victory for America – but let’s not pretend it’s better than a gold medal. Because it’s not.

You can watch AOC’s pandering in this clip.