AOC Requests Emergency Extension

( Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is looking to extend the enhanced federal unemployment insurance, which gives Americans an additional $300 every week for doing nothing, through this year…and next year.

AOC doesn’t understand economics.

The famous socialist, who recently caused a scandal when she appeared at the $30,000-per-ticket MET Gala wearing a dress reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, has introduced a new bill that would extend the additional unemployment benefits until February 1, 2022, and would even hand our retroactive payments to Americans for the weeks following September 6, when the program officially came to an end.

To be clear, AOC is suggesting that Americans be allowed to stop working by simply stating they are too scared of COVID-19 to go back to work and to claim over $1,200 per month in additional benefits until almost next spring.

During a virtual townhall event, AOC said that she has been “very disappointed” with both sides in Congress for allowing the unemployment assistance program to “completely lapse” when, she says, America is “not fully recovered from the cost effects of the pandemic.”

Does somebody want to tell her that that’s precisely why the additional unemployment benefits need to end…so people can get back to work and mitigate those cost effects?

She told the virtual townhall that she couldn’t let it happen without trying to do something, but she seemed pretty aware of the fact that the bill is not likely to pass.

At least, we hope not.

Data released by the Department of Labor show that the number of available job positions in June of this year increased to 10.1 million, and there are businesses all over the country crying out for help. Small and big businesses alike need a workforce, and unless people have an incentive to go back to work, those businesses will close.

AOC might want people to stay at home, but even most Democrats know that it’s a terrible idea to let additional unemployment benefits keep going until next year.