Antifa Threatens To Murder Women’s Rights Activists

( Last weekend, a group called “Standing for Women” held a “Let Women Speak” rally on Bristol’s College Green in the UK that was set upon by a violent group of black-clad radicals who accused the rally of being “transphobic.”

The radicals, “Bristol Against Hate” claimed they were there to stand up against “right-wing agitators” while sending the message that “trans rights are human rights.”

The “trans rights” activists far outnumbered the women at the rally, with reports estimating 60 women facing off against about 100 black-clad radicals.

Videos shot during the rally showed the small group of women being harassed and attacked by the vicious, black-clad mob who screamed obscenities and grew so threatening police were forced to stand between the groups to prevent the black-clad “trans rights” mob from attacking the women.

According to independent journalist Andy Ngo, the black-clad mob planned to attack the women and toss them in a nearby harbor. However, local news reports say that despite the tension, the scene remained peaceful.

The Daily Mail reported that the tension was broken after dozens of nude bicyclists peddled past, prompting cheers and roars of delight from the crowds.

The founder of Standing for Women, Kellie-Jay Keen, has created controversy for saying that trans women aren’t women and shouldn’t be recognized by the law as being women.

What’s the world coming to when stating trans women aren’t women is considered controversial?