Antifa Extremist Who Murdered Trump Supporter Shot Dead By Police

( A murderer who described himself as “100% Antifa” was reportedly shot and killed by police officers near Seattle on Thursday night, according to a report by the New York Times. The incident is understood to have taken place as officers attempted to arrest the man who is believed to have shot Trump supporter Jay Danielson and killed him in the street during a far-left riot.

The Times reported that Michael Forest Reinoehl was discovered by a fugitive apprehension task force in Lacey, Washington. He was on the run from police officers who had an arrest warrant issued earlier that same day. It happened to be the same day that far-left “news” outlet VICE published an interview with the man in which he tried to describe his actions as self defense.

Anyone who has seen the footage of the incident knows that to be untrue.

The warrant was issued after Reinoehl admitted committing the murder in the VICE interview, claiming that he “had no choice.”

President Donald Trump also stepped into the debate on Thursday, just moments before the arrest took place. He asked why the man was yet to be apprehended, and said it was “No wonder” that “Portland is going to hell!”

An unnamed officer confirmed Reinoehl’s death to the New York Times, and The Oregonian reported how officers from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Marshals Service were involved in serving the arrest warrant. It was reported that the officers shot a man in the street, but little information about the incident is known so far. The Oregonian reported that local people report seeing two SUVs pull up into the street and then heard between 30 and 40 gunshots.

Reports suggest that Reinoehl pulled a gun on officers during the arrest, prompting the shooting.