Anti-Trump Official Loses Big Time In Court

Democrat Shenna Bellows, Maine’s secretary of state, is waiting for a ruling from the US Supreme Court before she can remove Donald Trump’s name from the state’s ballot.

A lower court’s decision prevented Trump from being removed from the Maine ballot, and on Wednesday, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court affirmed that decision.’

Even though she is not an attorney, Bellows concluded last month that Trump cannot be president under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. The decision by the Colorado Supreme Court that Trump was ineligible led her to that conclusion.

In response to Trump’s lawsuit, a lower court said that Bellows couldn’t remove Trump’s name from the ballot until the US Supreme Court decided on the specific case. To get a resolution from Maine courts before March 5—the state’s primary election—Bellows appealed the decision.

However, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court sustained the lower court’s decision unanimously. The judges noted in their judgment that the state secretary had voiced worries about the harm that may result from delaying the decision on whether or not Trump’s name should be on the primary ballot. They worry that voters may be confused as a result of the delay. We have decided against pursuing an early appeal review for this particular case due to the ambiguity surrounding the subject.

All eyes are on the Supreme Court’s verdict, which the political elite anxiously awaits. With the next election less than a year away, the justices will likely rush to a decision after hearing oral arguments on February 8.

The Associated Press said that Bellows has committed to complying with the court’s ruling.

The former president has several legal reasons to defend himself against the withdrawal of votes, while experts in the field debate whether or not the 14th Amendment applies to the President and whether or not Trump was participating in an alleged rebellion, a charge he has not yet faced.

Most people think the Supreme Court will support Trump.