Anti-Biden Chants Spread Across U.S. Colleges

( President Joe Biden and the Democrats like to think that they are the party of the working class and young people, but that dominance is slipping. If it wasn’t already clear to you based on the president’s slipping approval rating, the recent viral footage of young people at college football games chanting “F*ck Joe Biden!” should confirm it.

Videos from a Texas A&M game first went viral, with people from all angles showing huge numbers of young people in the audience screaming about their hatred and disgust for the nation’s president.

You can see some of those clips here:

Similar scenes were spotted at Coastal Carolina and Virginia Tech games. And in the following days, the chant was also heard from young people at a number of bars, restaurants, and even concerts.

These aren’t middle-aged or older people chanting about their hatred for the president. This is young people who are decidedly angry about the direction this president is taking the country.

And think about it…why would young people want higher taxes, higher costs of living, and new debt that will plague them until their old age?

The botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan also caused widespread distrust and anger about Biden’s leadership. So much so that his approval ratings very quickly slipped to just 42%, with much of his losses coming from Democrat and Independent demographics.

Can he recover from this?