Andrew McCabe Reveals What It Was Like Being Audited

( According to former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, an inquiry should be started into how James Comey and himself were both chosen by the Internal Revenue Service for a thorough tax audit.

In reply to the media, the IRS denied conducting any politically driven audits.

After being chosen for a thorough IRS audit of a tax return, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told the media that it was “nerve-wracking” and “frightening, actually” to be “targeted.”
McCabe stated that there were no sanctions, fines, or other punishments, and the final result was rather modest. However, he said it was nerve-wracking and terrifying to be targeted like that.
Cue the tiny violins.

Now comes the part where McCabe and his media fans blame Donald Trump.

According to New York Times, the IRS reportedly chose McCabe and former FBI Director James Comey to have individual tax returns scrutinized. Former President Trump has harshly condemned their participation in the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and any ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow.
American Greatness explains there was no collusion between Donald Trump and the Kremlin to affect the 2016 election results, but every news outlet, large and small, helped to promote this false information. It represents stunning fraud at a level unmatched in American history. The media should not be allowed to carry on as usual.
Reports show Comey received $347 back after his 2019 tax return audit, whereas McCabe owed a tiny amount. The official McCabe talked with was “extremely professional and very responsive,” but McCabe urged that the audits be looked into.
The IRS informed a news outlet in a statement that federal privacy regulations prevent it from discussing individual taxpayer circumstances.
According to the agency, the IRS has significant safeguards to protect the examination process and against politically-driven audits. Audits are carried out by career civil employees. The idea that top IRS employees in some way singled out certain people for National Research Program audits is absurd and incorrect.

The IRS may have civil employees, but there’s absolutely nothing civil about the IRS.