Americans overwhelmingly oppose U.S. troops on the ground in Russia-Ukraine conflict, poll

( A late January poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group found that the vast majority of Americans, 84.8 percent, do not want US military troops involved in the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

Only 15.3 percent of respondents in the Trafalgar poll support the use of US troops on the ground in Ukraine.

When broken down by party, only 12.6 percent of Democrats support placing US troops on the group in Ukraine while 16.4 percent of Republicans and 18.1 percent of Independence support it.

Trafalgar noted that while voters do sympathize with Ukraine and support diplomatic solutions and aid to Ukraine, there is no support for US military intervention should Russia invade.

Well, Russia has invaded.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the eastern Ukrainian territories of Donetsk and Luhansk and ordered Russian “peacekeepers” into the region.

Then in the early hours of Thursday, February 24, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

Just hours before Russia launched the invasion, the Associated Press released a poll showing that only 26 percent of voters think the United States should play a “major role” in the Russia/Ukraine conflict. The majority, 52 percent, said the United States should play only a minor role, while 20 percent of respondents want the US to stay out of it entirely.

Meanwhile, Democrats and the media are accusing those who don’t want the United States to get embroiled in the conflict of committing “treason.”

We know the Democrats and the American corporate news media are out of touch. But just how out of touch can they be to accuse nearly three-quarters of the country of committing “treason” for opposing US involvement in Ukraine?

While President Biden has repeatedly said he would not commit US troops to fight in Ukraine, given his bungling in Afghanistan and his inept handling of the ongoing crisis with Russia, Americans have little reason to be confident that Biden would keep to his word.