America Quietly Experiencing A “Silent Invasion” By Military Aged Men

( Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe has said that the situation on the border between the United States and Mexico constitutes an invasion. 

Coe said they are seeing a quiet invasion of “military-age” guys. This phenomenon has been growing over the last two years, and his deputies have been increasingly having to deal with it. 

Throughout a multi-day operation, members of the Operation Lone Star task force rescued foreign people from a burning vehicle and revived a smuggled five-year-old girl hidden in a car’s trunk.  

According to Coe, most illegal immigrants are males between 17 and 45. The surveillance footage from throughout the county shows the suspects wearing camouflage and toting bags. Coe claims that many are armed and violent criminals who often get into gunfights with police. 

These dangerous thugs are affiliated with or working with Mexican drug gangs. They invade our cities, gain political and criminal control, and force out the native population. And it’s occurring in cities like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, where violent crime has skyrocketed in recent years, Coe said. 

Last month, Coe put out an SOS seeking cooperation from neighboring counties to catch human traffickers in his tiny border county of around 3,000 people. “The more personnel we have, the more successful we’ll be.” 

Coe, a former Border Patrol agent, was sworn in as county sheriff on January 1, 2017, and said he had never seen anything like the current situation. President Joseph Biden’s changes to immigration and border policy, he argued, were the initial cause of the deterioration of the situation, and those policies have only made things worse. 

By way of illustration, in 2022 alone, his officers filed 3,057 criminal charges and made 877 arrests. He said 927 of the total criminal cases filed that year included illegal immigrants or traffickers. 

That’s seven times as many as the whole county. Almost 21,500 foreign nationals were identified on cameras traversing the county on foot last year but were not detained. Their present location is unknown. 

According to the sheriff, the number of illegal aliens captured by Kinney County law enforcement officers increased from 1,124 in 2021 to 3,192 the following year. 

Where is the “border czar”?