Agents Swarming As U.S. Marshals In Georgia Rescue 16 Children

( Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr announced in a press release last week that the state’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit and United States Marshal performed a series of raids and successfully recovered 20 missing children and more than a dozen victims of sex trafficking.

It’s one of a number of recent announcements from American authorities about sex trafficking victims, including victims of child prostitution rings.

“Operation Not Forgotten 2021,” as it was dubbed, was a two-week operation in the metro Atlanta area. The last operation of its kind in the region took place in August of last year.

The Attorney General’s office worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children worked with the Southeast Regional Task Force and both state and local agencies on the mission to save the children.

Attorney General Carr said in a press release that his office appreciates the cooperation of the United States Marshals Service Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, and described how authorities being embedded throughout the operation has allowed investigators and prosecutors to build the strongest possible cases against those who trafficked humans or paid money to be a part of the operation.

It means that anyone who paid money to engage in sexual activities with children and other victims of sex trafficking are about to be charged alongside those responsible for the trafficking operation.

Out of the 20 child victims recovered, some 16 are believed to have been victims of sex trafficking.

The United States Marshals published their own statement on Wednesday and confirmed that Wayne Marcell, a 35-year-old resident of Connecticut, was arrested at 8:30 am that day as part of the operation. During his arrest, authorities recovered one more child who is believed to have been trafficked, and the suspect was charged with first-degree sexual assault and risking injury to a minor.

Thank God Republican-controlled state authorities are taking action against these crimes while the Biden administration ignores the human trafficking crisis on the southern border.