$500k In Damage Reported By Law Enforcement After Riots

(FiveNation.com)- Reports over the weekend revealed how violent “anti-fascist” and “anarchist” rioters caused as much as $500,000 in damage during an unruly and violent protest in downtown Portland. The reports from The Oregonian revealed how a group of 100 extreme-left protesters smashed windows, sprayed graffiti all over buildings, and caused chaos across downtown Portland in yet another protest against…well, something.

Police, however, said that they were totally powerless to control the left-wing mob because of new laws introduced that ban the use of pepper spray, tear gas, and other tools often used to control crowds.

In other words, Portland is lawless and chaotic, with businesses being destroyed and residents left living in fear, and the local Democratic leaders have made it impossible for the police to do anything about it.

The Oregonian reported that after some time passed, police eventually declared that the violent protest was an unlawful assembly.

Footage of the riots shared online showed how people got violent with one another, lit fires in the street, and even set off fireworks.

Incredibly, not a single arrest was made.

Not one.

Law enforcement told The Oregonian that investigations are underway and that the $500,000 in damage was spread across 35 different locations, including retail stores, coffee shops, banks, government offices, and more.

Look at this:

Dumpsters rolled into the middle of the street and set on fire, and Portland Police were left powerless to stop any of it.

What world are we living in?

Lt. Jake Jensen of Portland’s Police bureau revealed during a meeting on Thursday night with the Pearl District Neighborhood Association that officers were left powerless to stop the gathering is because of House bill 2928.

“The reason that we did not intervene goes back to what we talked about last month with HB 2928 and the restrictions placed on us in a crowd control environment,” Jensen said.

The bill applies to all law enforcement agencies in the state and bans police officers from using pepper spray and 40mm less-lethal devices.

At this point, why even have a police force in Portland at all, if anarchists can take over whenever they like?