350 Illegals Arrested After They Formed A Large Group At The Border

(FiveNation.com)- On Tuesday afternoon, officials from the Del Rio Sector of the Border Patrol detained yet another extremely large group of migrants, this one numbering more than 350 people.

According to a Border Patrol agent who was present at the incident, a group of more than 350 individuals entered the Rio Grande from Mexico around five miles north of Eagle Pass. The crossing took place only a little while after midday on Tuesday,

Breitbart Texas was able to see as agents from the Eagle Pass Center of the Border Patrol processed the migrants and prepared to load them into buses for transfer to a processing station that had already reached its maximum capacity.

According to the agents, the majority of the migrants in the group were from Cuba and Venezuela. It’s evident that our weakened border is a portal and gateway from all parts of the world.

During June, the Del Rio Sector was the busiest in the country, largely thanks to the large group crossings that took place there. According to Breitbart Texas, Border Patrol personnel in the Del Rio Sector detained more than 45,000 migrants in June. Many of the migrant groups captured in June were around the same size as the group discovered on Tuesday.

Agents detained more than 630 migrants in the Del Rio Sector over a 6-hour period on June 30. This occurred during the days running up to the Independence Day weekend. The migrants were detained in three huge groups. According to the statements made by the government, the group consisted of 638 family units, 340 unaccompanied youngsters, and 193 people traveling alone.

In addition to dealing with significant group crossings during the holiday weekend, agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector encountered a total of 403 migrants. They also split up into three major groups. According to the information gathered from authorities with the Border Patrol, the groups had a total of 195 family units, 52 children traveling alone and 156 adults traveling alone.

Border Czar Kamala Harris was unavailable for comment. She was, however, available for cackle.