11 Times Joe Biden Was Involved In Hunter Biden’s Dealings

(FiveNation.com)- The President of the United States thinks the American people are stupid and that nobody believes he had any business dealings with his companies from China, Ukraine, and beyond who worked with his son, Hunter Biden.

But the American public isn’t stupid and the evidence is out there. Joe Biden has claimed many times over that he had no knowledge of his family’s corrupt business dealings – including dealings that landed his son an investigation by the FBI for tax fraud – but the evidence shows otherwise.

Breitbart News recently published an interesting piece in which they outlined 11 different ways that the president was involved in his family’s “corrupt business dealings.” The link is…shocking. And we’re going to tell you a couple of stories from the report right here.

The first example Breitbart gives is when Hunter Biden traveled to China in 2013 onboard Air Force Two with his father who was then the vice president. Hunter introduced his father to his Chinese business partner and only ten days later, China granted Hunter Biden’s company a business license and he quickly landed a $1 billion contract.

Funny, huh?

The second story comes from 2014 – when Biden was still in the White House under President Barack Obama’s leadership. Biden met with Hunter’s Mexican business associates and photographs prove it.

…and the photographs were taken inside of the vice president’s office.

If you’re interested in learning a few more examples of the Biden family’s corruption, we recommend you read the full piece. It’s illuminating…