Steve Bannon Calls For Patriots To Put Shoulder To The Wheel And Defeat The Liberal Mob

( War Room host Steve Bannon is calling on “patriots” to take action in the fight to expose election fraud.

During an interview with former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, Bannon urged Americans to keep up the fight even in the face of the coordinated attacks from the corporate news media.

“Rachel Maddow can’t stop this,” Bannon said. “The New York Times can’t stop this. CNN can’t stop this.”

Watch the segment HERE.

There is no doubt that there is a coordinated effort in the American corporate news media to portray concerns over the 2020 election as “conspiracy theory.” Since the beginning, the media talking point has been that, from Trump on down, the claims that an overreliance on mail-in ballots became a breeding ground for fraud are nothing but “The Big Lie.”

Ironically the media outlets who are claiming this are the same ones who for four years claimed that Russia stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton and handed Donald Trump the White House.

And while they celebrated the endless investigations into this so-called “Russian Collusion,” these same media outlets scream like stuck pigs over any investigation into the 2020 election results.

In an effort to fearmonger over the “conspiracy theories” of voter fraud, the media has now begun to push another outlandish claim – namely that Donald Trump believes he will be “reinstated” as President this coming August.

This claim was initially made by anti-Trump New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman and on June 3 was echoed by the NeverTrump National Review in a column by Charles C.W. Cooke. Both cited unnamed “sources” within the Trump inner circle to bolster their claims. But, in truth, what possible inner circle “sources” could these two stringently anti-Trump writers have?

According to President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump – as inside the inner circle as one can get – these claims are absurd. Appearing on Fox & Friends on June 3, Lara Trump said people were getting “worked up” over nothing, adding her father-in-law does not actually expect such a thing to happen.