Joe Biden Doesn’t Remember When He Was Sworn Into Office

( While delivering remarks about the ongoing COVID response and vaccination program, President Biden tripped up a bit on just how long he’s been in office.

“Since January 20th,” the President read, “we’re talking now about fifteen months ago.”

It is unclear whether this was an ad-lib or the President simply misread the teleprompter (again). It is possible he was supposed to say “about five months ago” and bungled it.

Either Joe Biden needs reading glasses or his cognitive decline is getting worse.

Though, in truth, Biden’s cognitive decline has been consistently bad since the start of the 2020 election season. These bungling slip-ups aren’t new.

During a 2020 campaign zoom event with actor Tom Hanks, Biden couldn’t remember what year he was first sworn in as Vice President.

In May of 2020, Joe Biden couldn’t remember what century it was.

And while the American media continues to pretend Biden’s cognitive decline isn’t a real issue, it isn’t going unnoticed by media outlets outside of the country.

In May, during the violent conflict between Hamas and Israel, Sky News Australia host Alan Jones suggested that the President didn’t have the cognitive ability to handle a crisis like the one unfolding in Gaza.

But that isn’t even the first time Alan Jones voiced concern about Joe Biden. On marking Biden’s 100th day in office, Jones accused the so-called “leader of the free world” of being “cognitively delinquent.”

Alan Jones isn’t the only Sky News host voicing concernd over the President’s rapidly declining health.

America’s corporate media can ignore it all they like. But America’s allies are noticing.

And so are America’s enemies.

During the 2020 election, both Biden and Harris claimed that electing them would mean the world would once again respect America.

But is that the case?

While our allies laugh at Joe Biden’s blunders, our enemies grow ever-more emboldened.

Russia and China are launching cyberattacks against the US. Iran and Hamas are emboldened to once again attack Israel.

And news outlets from our allies are growing ever more concerned that the old man in the White House isn’t up to the job.